This is Black Spacial Imaginary

featuring artists and thinkers of local and global Black geographies and URe:AD TV

This is a Black Spatial Imaginary brings together installation, video, print media, and public intervention, exploring new forms of practice at the intersection of art,collaboration, historical record, urban planning, collaboration and creative exchange.

This Is A Black Spatial Imaginary considers the movement and fixity of Black communities, by activating past, present and future spaces for Black life. Moving from NW to NE Portland (as Black Portlanders did), the work starts near Union Station at PNCA’s Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, crosses the Broadway Bridge, activates key sites, and ends on the eastside at PCC’s Paragon Gallery, with over 40 of Black artists and scholars coming together to showcase work and share ideas. In shifting through historical and contemporary Black geographies, the work provides clues to understanding how Black possibilities live and breathe. The project grounds itself in collaborative work that span local and global Black geographic imaginaries, bringing both analytics and poetics to fields of practice.

@ Paragon Gallery @ PCC
@ Center for Art and Contemporary Culture @ PNCA,
and in public spaces in between

Co-presented and organized by Lisa Bates, Sharita Towne, URe:AD Press, Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at PNCA (curated by Mack McFarland), and also co-presented with Converge 45 and in situ PORTLAND, a program of the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Additional support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Precipice Fund, Calligram Foundation, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the Oregon Arts Commission.


August 26 – October 7, 2017 at Paragon Gallery

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