UR:AD TV @ SPACES July 8-October 13 In Cleveland, URe:AD TV is  hosted by SPACES Gallery as part of it's SWAP international Residency Program. While in residence URe:AD Press collaborated with Christopher Horne, a local artist, photographer and musician to create a video that looks at what “Black Cleveland” means to Black Clevelanders. In the SPACES installation, this work is positioned directly in front of URe:AD TV, in conversation with it, and will be incorporated into t he project when it travels to other cities. Also featured in the SPACES installation are a selection of books loaned from local black-owned bookstore Guide to Kulchur.


URe:AD would like to thank the team at SPACES for their endless support in our SWAP residency and this exhibition. We’d also like to thank Christopher Horne, Zygote Press, Rebekah Wilhelm, Michael Conti, RA Washington and Guide to Kulchur Press, Mike Lombardi, Alaina Battle, Maddie Moriarty, and all the other wonderful people that made our time in Cleveland unforgettable.

This project is supported in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Calligram Foundation, Precipice Fund, and the Oregon Arts Commission.