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Mood 1 (The Baldwin) by Melanie Stevens


Make a statement without saying a word with The Baldwin.  Off-white ink on Black Cotton.

More about the Artist:  Melanie Stevens is an artist, illustrator and writer from Atlanta, Georgia.  She is the creator of the graphic novel, ‘Black Picket Fences’ and the co-founder and editor of Miss Anthology, an organization that supports and publishes racially and economically diverse young comic artists who identify as female or genderqueer. She is also the co-curator of Nat Turner Project, a migratory gallery space that grants artists of color the freedom to create or express their own language within and without the parameters of racial commodification or designation. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree for Political Science from Yale University and her Master’s of Fine Arts degree for Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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Mood 1.jpg