URe:AD TV is URe:AD Press' largest video exchange program to date. The evolving screening program features 19 video shorts created by independent video makers of the Diaspora selected from a global open call.  Still in it's first year, the program is  touring within five U.S. cities (Brooklyn, Cleveland, Portland, Oakland, and New Orleans, before traveling to diasporas stops internationally.  

URe:AD TV is fresh, contemporary audiovisual work by and for the African Diaspora, and offers free subtitling and to contribute to intra-diasporic dialogue, unity, and imagination.  We see media as a powerful tool to be harnessed towards a self-determined diasporas collective body.


Featured UR:eAD TV Artists are:

Kalimah Abioto          

Kamari Bright                                     

Pamela Council

Joseph Cuillier                                      

Thaïs Diarra (performer)           

Catherine Feliz                                                           

Ivan Forde (director)/ Tamara Renee (performer)

Amir George  

Carrie Hawks

ChrisTOPHER Horne*

Masimba Hwati

Ariel Jackson

Patricia Kaersenhout                                      

Kitso Lynn Lelliot                    

Chris saint Martin

Joiri Minaya                                        

Beatriz Vieirah   

Ezra Wube

*Original production created in collaboration with URe:AD Press in Cleveland, OH